South Korea Is The First In The World To Launch A 400Gbps Fiber Transceiver Engine

- Apr 22, 2020-

South Korea Is The First In The World To Launch A 400Gbps Fiber Transceiver Engine

South Korea's "KBS News" released news that the Korean Institute of Electronic Communications (ETRI) has successfully developed a 400Gbps optical fiber transceiver engine that can be used in very large data centers. This is the first time in the world.

400Gbps Fiber Transceiver Engine

ETRI believes that high-efficiency and applicable new technologies such as artificial intelligence and autonomous driving, data transmission speed speed. The data transmission speed of the optical fiber transceiver engine is 4 times faster than the rate, and the processing capacity is 8 times larger. The engine is only 3.5 cm in size. Considering that the 5G communication network can also use the core technology of the fiber transceiver engine-"laser chip", it is expected to solve the problem of communication barriers in 5G communication network. .

At present, all laser chips used to build 5G mobile communication networks in South Korea are imported from Japan. The new products developed this time are completely completed by the domestic technical force of South Korea.

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