South Korea's 5G Subscribers Exceeded 400,000. 5G Base Stations Reached 54,202

- May 17, 2019-

South Korea's 5G Communication Subscribers Exceeded 400,000. 5G Base Stations Reached 54,202


5/16/2019, fiber optic online synthesis of data from the Korean Ministry of Media and Science and Information and Communication Technology. It is understood that South Korea has officially launched 5G commercial services since December 2018, and the number of 5G service subscriptions is expected to exceed 400,000. According to relevant sources, an average of 10,000 people sign up for Samsung Galaxy S10 5G mobile phones through SK Telecom, KT and LG U+. In addition, after LG Electronics released the country's second 5G mobile phone LG V50 ThinQ in South Korea, about 40,000 to 50,000 users purchased the phone in two days.


South Korea's 5G Subscribers Exceeded 400,000. 5G Base Stations Reached 54,202

At present, KT is the leading position in the Korean market with 133,000 5G subscribers, followed by SKT with approximately 120,000 subscribers. At the same time, LG U+ has not disclosed the number of its 5G users. It is foreseeable that as the price and quantity of 5G mobile phones increase, the number of 5G users will grow faster.


In addition, according to data provided by the Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology, the number of 5G base stations in Korea has reached 54,202.


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