T-Mobile Plans To Launch An Independent 5G Network

- Aug 13, 2020-

T-Mobile Plans To Launch An Independent 5G Network

Recently, T-Mobile said that it has used independent 5G network technology with suppliers Cisco and Nokia. Test results show that the advantages of this technology are very obvious, and T-Mobile intends to apply this technology to a large number of users.


T-Mobile Plans To Launch An Independent 5G Network

T-Mobile's independent 5G network mainly has the following characteristics:

1. Support up to 40% delay improvement during the test;

2. Independent 5G technology can help T-Mobile's 5G network coverage area increase by 30% (about 1.3 million square miles) and expand its indoor coverage;

3. Support users to increase downloads by 20-30%;

4. Support services such as self-driving cars and real-time translation services through network slicing.

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