Talking About The Q & A Of Fiber Optic Jumper

- Sep 07, 2017-

Today, many people may only know that fiber is the Internet access to high-speed channel, but on the use of other areas of fiber or no knowledge, on the fiber jumpers, many people do not understand, here Xiaobian talk with you about Fiber jumper related knowledge:                  1,0.9,2.0,3.0 refers to what is the diameter of their spare parts the same? How to distinguish

A: These three sizes refer to the fiber optic cable jumper cable diameter, the parts are not the same. Distinction is to see the tail of the tail sets, rings, crimping ring and so on.

2, how to understand duplex? How to write in English

A: refers to the work of the communication mode, the full name is a two-way mode of operation, only two-way transmission of data, but also divided into full duplex (two-way simultaneous transmission); half duplex (half duplex, the same time Only one-way transmission) two.

3, APC What are the characteristics

A: APC refers to a kind of fiber optic ferrule, full name is Angled pressed connector, the specific look to have a very obvious is the end of the cone or the slope is not comprehensive.

4, PC, UPC, APC What is the difference?

A: PC is flat, UPC is spherical, APC is oblique spherical. The essential difference is that the reflection loss is different. GB requirements are: PC <-40dB, UPC <-45dB, APC <-55dB.

5, dual-core fiber jumpers and single-core fiber jumpers that have an advantage?

A: dual-core and single-mode no special advantages, but the use of a more convenient than the two wiring, not easy to mistake the connector only.

6, MPO fiber jumper parts are several types?

A: There are two kinds, one is a bundle of parts, one is a strip of parts. But there are many options for color. 7

7, MPO fiber jumper 12-core and 24-core parts are the same?

A: Yes, the parts are the same, the difference is that the ferrule.