Telefónica Chooses Huawei As One Of Its 5G Core Network Suppliers

- Dec 12, 2019-

Telefónica Chooses Huawei AOne of its 5G Core Network Suppliers


According to Mobile Europe, Telefónica will use Huawei equipment in its Spanish 5G core network and will confirm a second supplier next year. 


Telefónica chooses Huawei as one of its 5G core network suppliers

The Spanish newspaper Expansion reported this decision, which is good news for Huawei, but also marks a change in Telefónica's strategy. Previously, Huawei was the exclusive supplier of Spain Telecom's 3G and 4G core network technology. 


It is reported that the second supplier to be confirmed may be an established player such as Ericsson or Nokia, or a new player such as Mavenir or Affirmed Networks, because operators are working hard to develop a decoupling system. 


This has also put pressure on other competitors to force them to "commercially aggressive". 


Although Vodafone has won many contracts, Telefónica is still the leading supplier of services to the local public sector and government.


Last week, Deutsche Telekom suspended all 5G transactions with suppliers and will wait for a decision on whether to use Huawei in its network before making plans. 


Following the release of a security risk assessment report in October, EU member states will agree on EU-level measures to mitigate 5G network security risks by December 31, 2019. 


By October 1, 2020, EU member states must evaluate these recommendations to determine whether further action is needed.

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