Telia Acquires Danish Fiber And Video Assets

- Jul 24, 2018-

Telia acquires Danish fiber and video assets


Nordic telecom operator Telia recently announced the acquisition of GET and the Norwegian subsidiary of Danish telecom operator TDC for €2.2 billion, which aims to strengthen Telia's strength in the converged business.


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GET is a Norwegian fixed and TV service provider and operates B2B services. Currently, the company has more than 518,000 home and enterprise fiber-optic network connections, with a total of 1 million individual and corporate TV/broadband service users.


Telia has made rapid progress in the Norwegian market and currently has 2.3 million mobile subscribers, accounting for approximately 42% of the market. The company's largest competitor, Telenor, remains the largest mobile operator in Norway. Investing in fiber and video assets will help Telia in the future.


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