The First Edition Of 5G Standard Released Next Month-June,2018

- May 31, 2018-

The First Edition of 5G Standard Released Next Month-June, 2018


Recently, 3GPP held the final meeting of the 3GPP working group to complete the first phase of the 5G standards development in Busan, South Korea. This meeting will determine the full content of the 3GPP R15 standard and also marks the completion of the first commercialization standard of 5G. The standard will be announced soon.


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As the 5G first commercialization standard molding conference, this conference will basically involve all manufacturers and organizations related to this standard.


The meeting focused on the contents of the RAN Working Group and summarized the contents of the RAN1-5 working group to determine the final technology for commercialization of 5G. These include ultra-high-speed data and ultra-low-latency 5G wireless access technologies and conformance testing methods for 5G terminals.


The meeting will also determine the conformance testing method for 5G terminals. At the same time, the 3GPP RAN4 working group will also determine the RF performance requirements for 5G base stations and 5G terminals in the 3.5GHz and 28GHz frequency bands.


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