The FTTH User Families Of Telefónica In Spain Reaches 20 Million

- May 28, 2018-

The FTTH user families of Telefónica in Spain reaches 20 million

In Spain, 20 million households are using fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) services from telecommunications company Telefónica, which accounts for 70% of all Spanish households. This has also set a new record.

The FTTH user families of Telefónica in Spain reaches 20 million(2).jpg

Telefónica claims to have Europe's largest fiber-to-the-home network, and the company has completed fiber-to-the-home deployments of 244,000 kilometers of limited cable in the largest city in Spain. Telefónica is currently focusing on the deployment of small and medium-sized cities and plans to have 25 million households by 2020.

The second-ranked fiber-to-the-home operator is Orange, which has more than 12 million households and plans to reach 16 million by 2020. Vodafone also owns 10.3 million fiber-to-the-home households.

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