The New Submarine Optical Cable Skagenfiber West Connecting Denmark And Norway Officially Put Into Service

- Nov 09, 2020-

The New Submarine Optical Cable "Skagenfiber West" Connecting Denmark And Norway Officially Put Into service


The "Skagenfiber West" submarine optical cable project was completed in accordance with the original plan and officially put into service at the beginning of this month. "Skagenfiber West" is 170 kilometers long and can be extended from Hirtshals in Denmark all the way north to Larvik in Norway.


The New Submarine Optical Cable Skagenfiber West Connecting Denmark And Norway Officially Put Into service

In the past, most of the local international data traffic had to pass through Sweden and then to the data center in central Europe, but due to the distance factor, the service response time was greatly affected. Therefore, through the new submarine cable, it is possible to obtain faster Internet services for the local area to meet the various needs of the market for Internet services.


At the same time, this also increases service flexibility. Not only can good connections be established between Norway and other countries or regions, if one or more connections are stopped due to physical interruptions caused by accidents or deliberate attacks, data traffic can also flow through Alternative routing. This once again highlights the importance of submarine cable resources.


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