Underground 534M 4K Video Transmission In Seconds! Opening Of The World's Deepest Underground 5G Network

- Jun 12, 2020-

-534M 4K Video Transmission In Seconds! Opening Of The World's Deepest Underground 5G Network


Recently, China Mobile and Huawei have helped Yangmei Coal Group Xinyuan Company to complete the opening and optimization of the nation's first underground 5G network at 534 meters underground, which is currently the world's deepest underground 5G network.

-534M 4K video transmission in seconds! Opening of the world's deepest underground 5G network

The opening of the 5G coal mine dedicated network will help mine monitoring and control to be safe, efficient and reliable, promote unmanned mines, transparent visualization of mines, interconnection of all things in mines, and remote collaborative operation and maintenance of mine equipment, and promote the intelligent upgrade of the coal industry.

It is reported that this 5G mine network uses Huawei's miniaturized 5G base station Book RRU, which is also the first 5G base station equipment in China that has completed explosion-proof certification.

The base station supports China Mobile's two frequency bands of 2. 6G & 1.8G, and supports 4G and 5G dual-mode concurrent. It can not only realize the exploration of 5G mining applications in the underground, but also support 4G video and voice calls, and realize one network and two uses. Realize the integrated network coverage of the underground park and underground roadways, tunnels, fully mechanized mining and driving face.


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