USA Fiber-connected Buildings Exceeded 50%

- Apr 10, 2018-

USA fiber-connected buildings exceeded 50%

According to relevant survey data, the fiber connectivity rate of large and medium-sized commercial buildings in the United States reached 54.8% in 2017. Market research company Vertical Systems Group said that this is the first time that the US fiber gap has dropped to 45.2%.

USA Fiber connected building exceeded 50%.jpg

This figure quantifies the extent to which buildings have 20 or more employees and has achieved fiber-optic connectivity in the United States. The above commercial building base covers more than 2 million independent commercial organizations and directly reflects addressable markets such as high-speed carrier Ethernet, cloud, data center, hybrid VPN, and emerging SDN services, etc. At the time of last year, the proportion of commercial buildings that used fiber-optic connections in the United States was 49.6%.

Rosemary Cochran, head of the Vertical Systems Group, said: "Since we launched this research in 2004, new fiber optic connections for commercial buildings in the United States have increased in 2017 over any previous year. New fiber is added to each architectural size segment. The number of connected buildings has increased, and the number of medium-sized buildings has increased most significantly. Fiber deployment will continue to accelerate because optical fiber is both a strategic asset to provide wired business services and a necessary condition for achieving 5G.”


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