Vietnam's Largest Data Center Begins Construction

- Jun 15, 2020-

Vietnam's Largest Data Center Begins Construction

According to reports, Vietnam’s largest data center owned by Vietnam’s FPT Telecom officially started construction in the high-tech park in Ho Chi Minh City in early May.

Vietnam's Largest Data Center Begins Construction

The data center covers an area of 10,000 square meters and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2021. At that time, FPT Telecom will provide large-scale modern data storage infrastructure with high security level for thousands of domestic and foreign enterprises and organizations.

Digital transformation is happening not only in Vietnam but worldwide, and the demand to bring systems and applications to the "cloud" is also rising. Therefore, telecommunications companies need to have high-standard big data centers to ensure the security of the system and can compete with large companies such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon. A powerful cloud platform is the basic infrastructure for digital transformation of enterprises and economies. The scale of Vietnam’s cloud industry is expected to grow from US$165 million in 2018 to US$291 million in 2024.

With the construction and promotion of 5G and the rise and development of data centers, the market demand for optical communication products and devices is exploding, and higher requirements are placed on quality and performance.

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