World Optical Fiber And Cable Conference Held YOFC's All-optical Network

- Oct 29, 2020-

World Optical Fiber And Cable Conference Held YOFC's All-optical Network


From October 27th to 29th, the top event in the global optical fiber and cable industry-the 2020 World Optical Fiber and Cable Conference was held. For the first time, this conference adopted an online conference mode, attracting many telecom operators, optical fiber and cable manufacturers, and upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain from all over the world.


World Optical Fiber And Cable Conference Held YOFC's All-optical Network

As the world's leading optical communications company, YOFC has participated in and co-hosted several World Optical Fiber and Cable Conferences. The company's executive director and president Zhuang Dan delivered a keynote speech on the theme of "Meeting the Challenges and Opportunities of the Post-epidemic Era and Accelerating the Coming of the All-Optical Network Era". At the same time, YOFC is also working with industry giants such as Corning and Prysmian to conduct roundtable discussions on how the optical fiber and cable industry responds to the epidemic and the opportunities and challenges the industry faces.


Faced with opportunities and challenges, Zhuang Dan said that YOFC will continue to develop all-optical F5G (fifth generation of fixed network) + 5G (fifth generation of mobile network), and continue to develop new technologies and products. Through the “one network in the sky, one network on the ground”, fixed-mobile integration and three-dimensional networking, we will jointly build a new era of interconnection of all things, such as building all-optical data centers, helping “gigabit” smart subways, building the nervous system of digital grids, and building 5G+ All-optical Industrial Internet, etc.


It is reported that the World Optical Fiber and Cable Conference is an annual event in the field of global telecommunications and optical fiber and cable. The organizer is the British CRU Group, which is a world-renowned authoritative analysis organization. In 2015, YOFC cooperated with CRU to hold the Asia-Pacific Optical Fiber and Cable Conference in Optics Valley, bringing this global industry conference to Asia and China for the first time.


From 2016 to 2017, YOFC continued to cooperate with CRU to upgrade the conference to the World Optical Fiber and Cable Conference. From 2019 to 2021, the World Optical Fiber and Cable Conference will be organized by Corning Incorporated, Prysmian Group, YOFC and CRU in turn.

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