ZTE Helps Orange (Spain) Telecom Achieve Its First 5G NR SA Voice Call

- Apr 17, 2019-

ZTE helps Orange (Spain) Telecom achieve its first 5G NR SA voice call


It is reported that Spanish mobile operator Orange Spain has said that it has made the first voice and data call through 5G NR SA, achieving an important milestone for Spain's "5G" deployment.


ZTE helps Orange Spain achieve its first 5G NR SA voice call

In this milestone development, Orange Spain uses a number of ZTE equipment, including 5G NR SA base stations, core 5G network technology and test terminals. According to Orange Spain, a single user terminal achieves a data download speed of up to 876 Mbps, and 12 user terminals achieve a data download speed of 3.2 Gbps.


The report also confirmed the intention of Orange Spain to use ZTE equipment in its 5G network test, although it remains to be seen whether the operator will use ZTE equipment in its on-site 5G network.


Orange Network Director Mónica Sala said: "This milestone development also proves ZTE's technical strength."


The Spanish media has already reported that Spain's Orange and Vodafone plan to use Huawei and ZTE equipment in the 5G pilot as part of a government subsidy program. It is said that Orange Spain has submitted three projects, including the proposed use of Huawei equipment in 5G experiments in Malaga and Seville, cooperation with ZTE in Valencia, and cooperation with Nokia in Vigo.


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