ZTE Won The Bid For The World's Largest OTN Commercial Network

- Apr 07, 2020-

ZTE Won The Bid For The World's Largest OTN Commercial Network


Recently, China Mobile's inter-provincial backbone transmission network 13th phase of the new construction project procurement results officially announced, ZTE successfully won the national backbone western ring project. The western ring network covers 19 provinces, with a total link length of 53,828 kilometers, and when completed, it will become the world's largest OTN commercial network.


ZTE Won The Bid For The World's Largest OTN Commercial Network

With the large-scale deployment of 5G networks and the rapid development of home broadband services and customer collection services, China Mobile's backbone transmission network bandwidth has shown an annual growth rate of more than 40%. Its optical network faces multi-scenario transmission, bandwidth capacity improvement, and flexible management and control capabilities. And other technical challenges. To cope with the surge in traffic in the 5G era, China Mobile focused on building a nationwide ultra-high-speed direct 100G OTN plane network. The backbone OTN transport network includes two eastern and western OTN regional networks. ZTE has been deeply involved in the construction of China Mobile ’s national backbone OTN network for many years, and has built two 100G OTN western ring networks for China Mobile, covering 20 provinces and municipalities across the country, with a total area of 7.729 million square kilometers. The scale accounts for 80% of the total area of China.


In this western ring project, ZTE will provide a variety of encoding methods to flexibly adapt to the long-range, medium-range, and short-range transmission of China Mobile ’s western ring network, and use the unique super 100G FlexShaping algorithm to achieve Multi-point optimization of electrical and optical layers effectively increases the transmission distance, greatly reduces the use of relay boards, and saves network construction costs. As one of the very few manufacturers in the industry that has a complete 200G photoelectric hybrid cross-connect solution, the ROADM and OXC system-level architecture provided by ZTE can support flexible scheduling of services at the optical layer, improve operation and maintenance efficiency, and shorten the time for service opening.


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