SC/APC Attenuator 1dB 2dB 5dB 10dB Optical Fiber Attenuator

SC/APC Attenuator 1dB 2dB 5dB 10dB optical fiber attenuator
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SC/APC Attenuator 1dB 2dB 5dB 10dB optical fiber attenuator

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Place of Origin: Shenzhen,China

Brand Name: Optico

Model Number: SC Optical Attenuator

Insertion Loss: IL<0.2db

Return Loss: > 50db

Durability: >1000 matings

Operating Temperature: -40~75°C

Sleeve: Zirconia


Mode: Singlemode or Multimode

Color: Blue,Green,Grey

Certification: ISO9001:2008,ROHS

Packaging Details: 25pcs/50pcs in a plastic box, suitable quantity per carton.

Port: Shenzhen


fiber optic attenuator 4


SC/APC Attenuator Fiber Optic 1dB 2dB 5dB 10dB Optical Fiber Attenuator

Fiber optic attenuator is an optical device that can reduce the energy of optical signals. It is used to attenuate the input optical power and avoid distortion caused by optical reception due to the excessive input optical power.

As a kind of optical passive device, the optical fiber attenuator is used for debugging optical power performance between optical communication systems, debugging calibration and calibration of optical fiber instruments, and attenuating optical fiber signals. Can adjust the optical power to the required level.


Attenuator Types

According to the type of port, it can be divided into the following categories:

1, SC optical fiber attenuator: It is applied to SC optical fiber interface. It looks similar to RJ-45 interface, but SC interface is more flat. The obvious difference is the contacts inside. If it is 8 thin copper contacts, then It is RJ-45 interface, if it is a copper pillar, it is SC fiber interface.

2, LC fiber optic attenuator: A connector used in LC fiber optic interfaces to connect SFP modules. It is made using a modular jack (RJ) latching mechanism that is easy to operate. (Commonly used by routers)

3, FC optical fiber attenuator: It is applied to FC optical fiber interface. The external reinforcement method is a metal sleeve, and the fastening method is a screw buckle. Generally used on the ODF side (most used on distribution frames)

4, ST fiber attenuator: It is used in ST fiber optic interface, often used in fiber optic distribution frame, the shell is round, and the fastening method is screw buckle. (For 10Base-F connection, the connector is usually ST type. Commonly used in optical fiber distribution frame)




1.Low back reflection and Low PDL
2.High precision attenuation value
3.Precision control of attenuation range
4.Wide attenuation range
5.Precision ceramic ferrule
6.FC, SC, ST, LC … optional
7.Plastic or metal housing material



Fiber Optical distributing frame

Fiber Optical network system

High speed fiber optical transmission system

CATV system

Long distance DWDM system

Optical add-drop multiplexers(OADM)


Attenuator Technical Parameters







Operating Wavelength (nm):


Return Loss (dB):




Attenuator Value:

According to custom request make 1-30dB

Maximum Optical Input Power:


Bellcore Compliant:

Wavelength Independent (DWDM)

Operating Temperature:


Attenuation Accuracy:

+/-0.5 (1-10) +/-1.0 (11-30)

Durability (well over 100mw):

Simple and Reliable Structure

Storage Temperature:





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