MPO Fanout Patch Cable 24 Cores

OPTICO are one of the leading manufacturer of MTP/MPO fanout cable and other fiber optic components in Shenzhen, China. We have an experience of more than 12 year in this field. All the products adopt strict quality standards in the production and inspection, ensuring excellent operation performance and good product stability, and safely and reliably ensuring the long-term use of products......
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Product Details

MPO Fanout Patch Cable 24 Cores

 MPO-LC branch patch cable or fan-out jumper, that is, one end is MPO connector, the other end is LC connector, and the middle is branched out by a branch. LC connectors can also be FC, SC, ST and other single-core connectors. This fan-out jumper is often used for signal separation, to separate the data signals of different channels concentrated in the MPO connector to the LC connector, and easily connect to other links, such as 40G to 10G system It is often used in.


Corning/YOFC Fiber

US CONEC MPO connector


Color can be customized and number ring can be added

Printing can be customized

Scenes of application

8-core MTPMPO branch fiber jumper realizes direct connection from 40G SR4 to 10G SR

12-core MTPMPO backbone jumper and 40G adapter panel realize 10G to 40G network upgrade

40G SR4 and 12-core MTPMPO trunk fiber jumper directly

All products will be tested before delivery

IL/RL Test

3D test

Temperature test

Types of certificates to promise our quliaty





Rich warehousing and fast delivery


7-15 days


If interested,welcom to consult us!


Connector Type

12-Fiber Or 24Fiber MPO/MTP (non-pinned)



Housing Colour

MM (Beige), MM Elite (Aqua), SM (Green), SM Elite (Yellow)

Insertion Loss, Typical (MTP/MPO)

≤ 0.10 dB

Insertion loss, max. (MTP/MPO)

≤ 0.3 dB

Return loss (MTP/MPO SM)

PC >55dB; APC> 60dB

Durability(500 Matings)

< 0.2dB

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