MPO Patch Cord OM3

OPTICO are one of the leading manufacturer of fiber MPO patch cord and fiber optic components in Shenzhen, China. We have an experience of more than 12 year in this field. All the products adopt strict quality standards in the production and inspection, ensuring excellent operation performance and good product stability, and safely and reliably ensuring the long-term use of products......
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MPO patch cord OM3

MPO fiber patch cable jumper, MPO (Multi-fiber Push On) connector is one of the MT series connectors. The ferrules of the MT series adopt two guide holes and guide pins (also called PIN pin) for precise connection. The compact design of the MPO connector makes the MPO jumper more cores and small in size. 


Corning/YOFC Fiber

CCTC Ceramic ferrule

US CONEC MPO connector

High reliability and stability


8-core MTPMPO branch fiber jumper realizes direct connection from 40G SR4 to 10G SR

12-core MTPMPO backbone jumper and 40G adapter panel realize 10G to 40G network upgrade

40G SR4 and 12-core MTPMPO trunk fiber jumper directly






Purchase guide
Connector typeCable typeFiber typeFiber countPolarity
MPO maleBare fiber ribbonOM18A
MPO famaleOvalOM212B
MTP maleCircleOM324C
MTP femaleCustomOM4...


Rich warehousing and fast delivery

7-15 days

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Fiber TypeOS2, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4
Fiber Count12,24,48,72,96,144 cores
Fiber Attenuation dB (OS2)≤0.38 Max ≤0.34Typ(1310nm) ≤0.25 Max ≤0.19Typ(1550nm)
Fiber Attenuation dB (OM1)≤3.5 Max ≤2.7Typ(850nm) ≤1.5Max ≤1.2Typ(1300nm)
Fiber Attenuation dB (OM2)≤3.5 Max ≤2.7Typ(850nm) ≤1.5Max ≤0.9Typ(1300nm)
Fiber Attenuation dB (OM3)≤3.5 Max ≤2.7Typ(850nm) ≤1.5Max ≤0.9Typ(1300nm)
Fiber Attenuation dB (OM4)≤3.5 Max ≤2.7Typ(850nm) ≤1.5Max ≤0.9Typ(1300nm)
Min.Bandwidth:Overfilled Launch[Mhz-km]OM1≥200(850nm) ≥500(1300nm) OM2≥500(850nm) ≥500(1300nm)   OM3≥1500(850nm) ≥500(1300nm)OM4≥3500(850nm) ≥500(1300nm)
Min.Bandwidth:Laser Effective Modal Bandwidth   [Mhz-km]OM3 ≥2000(850nm) OM4 ≥4700(850nm)
Outer diameter12fiber:3.0 or 5.5mm ; 24fiber:3.0   or 5.5mm
Outer jacket ColourOS2(Yellow),OM2(Orange),OM3(Aqua),OM4(Purple or   Aqua)
Outer jacket materialLSZH,OFNP,OFNR
Tensile strength>500N
Operating Temperature-40 ~ +85°C

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