OM3 MPO Patch Cable

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OM3 MPO Patch Cable 24 Core

MTP/MPO cables are composed of MTP/MPO connectors and fiber optic cables, other connectors such as LC may also be found in some kinds of MTP/MPO cables. The fiber cables used are generally OM3 and OM4, which are laser optimized multi-mode optical fibers. It is important to have an overall understanding of MTP/MPO connectors (known as multi-fiber push-on and also as multi-path push-on).

Corning/YOFC Fiber

CCTC Ceramic Ferrule

Insensitive to bending and high stability

US CONEC MPO Connectors


8-core MTPMPO branch fiber jumper realizes direct connection from 40G SR4 to 10G SR

12-core MTPMPO backbone jumper and 40G adapter panel realize 10G to 40G network upgrade

40G SR4 and 12-core MTPMPO trunk fiber jumper directly

Strictly tested by production line

IL/RL test

3D test

Temperature test






7-15 Days

Purchase guide
Connector TypeEnd surface typeFiber typeFiber countPolarity
MPO maleUPCG652D8A
MPO femaleAPCG657A112B
MTP male
MTP female


Never connect a female to a female or a male to a male. It should be connected with a male and a female as stated above. With a female-to-female connection, the fiber cores of the two connectors will not be at the exact same height because the guide pins are missing. That will lead to losses in performance. A male-to-male connection has even more disastrous results. There the guide pins hit against guide pins so no contact is established. This can also damage the connectors.Never dismantle a MPO connector. The pins are difficult to detach from a MPO connector and the fibers might break in the process. In addition, the warranty becomes null and void if you open the connector housing.

MPO Connector MPOStandard Loss SM Connector
Low Loss SM Connector
Standard Loss MM Connector
Low Loss MM Connector
Insertion Loss(dB)
Return Loss(dB)605060502020
Durability(dB)<0.20dB (500 Matings, per EIA-455-21A)
Tensile Strength(dB)≤0.3 (Max 66N)
Temperature Cycle(dB)≤0.5 (-40~+75°C, 21 Cycles)
Operation Temperature(°C)-20~+70
Storage Termperature(°C)-40~+80

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