Outdoor Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Outdoor Fiber Optic Splice Closure Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China (Mainland); Brand Name: OPTICO; Outside dimension (L*W*H): 420x180x125 (mm); Weight (excluding outside box): 2650g-2975g; Number of inlet/out ports6: 3 in 3 out; Fiber Counts: Bunchy:12-96 (Cores); Ribbon: max. 144(Cores); Diameter of Fiber Cable: 13mm-20mm; Material: PC; NO.of trays: 1-4;
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Outdoor Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Quick Details:

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China (Mainland);

Brand Name: OPTICO;

Outside dimension (L*W*H): 420x180x125 (mm);

Material: PC;

NO.of trays: 1-4;

Sealing Method: mechanical;

Working Temperature: -40℃ to +65℃;

Certrificate: ISO9001 ROHS;


48 Fiber Horizontal Splice Closure 1.jpg

Horizontal type 48 96fibers optical fiber cable joint closure/outdoor splice enclosure


Product Description:

The closure casing is made of quality engineering plastics, and of good performance of ant-ierosion against acid and alkali salt, anti-aging, as well as smooth appearance and reliable mechanical structure. The mechanical structure is reliable and has the performance of resisting wild environment and intensive climate changes and serious working environment. The protection grade reaches IP66.

Dimensions and Capability: 

Dimensions ( L*W*H):  420x180x125 (mm); 

Maximum Capacity: Bundle – 96 Cores; Ribbon – 320 Cores; 

Cable Entrances: 3 In 3 Out; 

Diameter of Cable:  Φ13mm - Φ20mm; 

NO. of trays:  1-4; 

Calssification:holding screw style; 


Operation conditions:

Temperatures: -40℃~+60℃;

Humidity: ≤95% (at 40℃); 

Air Pressure: 70kPa ~106kPa;


It is suitable for the direct and branch connection of overhead cables, pipelines, direct burial methods, etc. for various structural fiber cables.

Terminals in the terminal of the structural fiber optic cable.

The cable splice box is usually suitable for indoor or non-outdoor outdoor use and is not suitable for outdoor use. If it is to be used, protective measures should be taken. Working temperature: indoor type: -5 °C ~ +40 °C; outdoor type: -20 °C - +60 °C.


Company Pictures: 

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