New Infrastructure Industry: Fiber Optic Cable Industry Is Expected To Benefit

- Mar 12, 2020-

New Infrastructure Industry: Fiber Optic Cable Industry Is Expected to Fenefit


Ordinary optical cable benefits from 5G access and transmission side construction, prices are expected to stabilize and rise

New Infrastructure Industry, Fiber Optic Cable Industry Is Expected to Fenefit

Affected by the saturation of fiber-to-the-home construction and the decline in operator transmission network investment, the domestic demand for fiber optic cables is insufficient in 2019, the domestic optical rod capacity is excessive, and the market price of bulk fiber is low. In 2020, the demand-side 5G independent networking will drive the boom on the transmission side, and the construction of wireless-side base stations will drive the demand for wireless access fiber optic cables. On the supply side, the expansion of domestic light rod factories has slowed. Therefore, we expect domestic fiber optic cable prices to stabilize and recover in 20 years.

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