Will fiber jumpers be used for a long time?

- Sep 07, 2017-

Q: Will the fiber jumper be decayed after used for a long time?

A: What is the fiber jumper? Will it decay after a long time? This is often a question of doubt.

As for the fiber jumper, he is used to make from the equipment to the fiber optic cabling link jump line. There is a thick protective layer, generally used in the optical terminal and the connection between the terminal box. Fiber jumper and coaxial cable similar, but no mesh shield. The center is the glass core of light propagation. In multimode fiber, the diameter of the core is 15um ~ 50um, which is roughly the same as the thickness of human hair. The single-mode fiber core diameter of 8um ~ 10um core surrounded by a layer of low refractive index than the core package, so that the fiber in the heart. Outside is a thin layer of plastic jacket, used to protect the package.

Will the jumper be like a circuit that will be aging forever? In fact, understand the structure of the fiber jumper will not have such doubts, the middle of the core, on the outside is a glass envelope, there is a layer of plastic on the outside of its protective effect, with the passage of time, outside the plastic jacket Will be aging, after the destruction of the glass layer, jumper transmission rate will naturally decline. Fiber in the use of a few points need attention:

1. Do not use excessive bending, this will increase the attenuation of light in the transmission process.

2. After the fiber jumper must use the protective cover to protect the fiber connector, dust and damage the fiber coupling.

3. If the fiber optic connector is dirty, then you can use cotton swab alcohol clean, otherwise it will affect the communication quality.