48F Breakout Patchcord SC SC

48F Breakout Patchcord SC SC

48F Breakout Patchcord SC SC Fiber breakout cable insulation is comprised of traditional Riser (OFNR) or fire-retardant Plenum (OFNP) for increased protection in the event of combustion. Pair 48 fiber breakout cables with OptoSpan exclusive SteelPatch armored jackets, allowing for the deployment...
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48F Breakout Patchcord SC SC

The customization content includes connector, outer sheath, outer skin label, packaging and length, etc., and can provide customized services of up to 48 cores. All provided fiber jumpers are tested in strict accordance with industry specifications and requirements to ensure that fiber performance meets international standards.

Color branches, easy to identify (can be marked)

High-quality parts, excellent performance

Big brand ceramic ferrule, low IL, excellent performance, stable and reliable.

Environmentally friendly PVC material, which has strong anti-pull and anti-pull performance, low carbon and non-toxic, and can be used at ease.


Both ends of the fiber jumper can be customized with different connectors and grinding methods to meet the needs of different applications scene.

Optional connectors: LC, SC, FC, ST, MTRJ, E2000, MU and DIN. Optional grinding methods: UPC and APC.

Multiple grinding methods are available

Outer sheath

The outer sheath of the optical fiber jumper can be customized in different colors and materials to meet the needs of different applications.Available colors: yellow, orange, white, pink, red, purple and black, etc.

The outer sheath is also available in various forms

PVC: Good mechanical properties and low cost

LSZH: Low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant material

OFNR: Excellent flame retardancy and environmental protection, it will not emit toxic smoke or steam under combustion or high temperature
Armor: stainless steel metal armor, compression resistance, bending resistance, rodent bite resistance, moisture and fire resistance

Skin identification

The outer skin identification includes the color of the tail sleeve, the outer skin printing and the meter mark, which can be customized according to customer requirements, which helps to quickly identify the product.

Product packaging

The optical fiber patch cord products shipped by OPTICO have two layers of packaging, the inner layer is made of a waterproof OPP bag, and the outer layer is packed in a kraft carton. The logo, length and label on the packaging can be customized, and neutral packaging can also be customized.

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Work Wavelength (nm)1310,1490,1550850,13001310, 1490,1550850,13001310,1490,1550850,1300
Insertion Loss(dB)≤0.25≤0.20≤0.25≤0.25≤0.25≤0.25≤0.25
Return Loss(dB)≥55≥65≥35≥50≥35≥50≥35
Plug Testing(time)≥1000
Tensile Strength(N)0.9mm(9N);2.0mm(70N);3.0mm(75N)
Operation Temperature(°C)-40~+75
Storage Termperature(°C)-40~+85

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