How Does The Multi-mode Single-mode Fiber Connector Distinguish?

- Sep 07, 2017-

How does the multi-mode single-mode fiber connector distinguish? This topic has a lot of peer partners are encountered this problem? In the absence of a jumper when the fiber connector is not careful to confuse the connector. How to distinguish it? Xiao Bian in the optical communications industry to do more than ten years of experience with you how to distinguish how to distinguish single multi-mode fiber optic connectors.

Fiber optic connectors are multi-mode single-mode depending on the ferrule and fiber optic cable. If it is not made when the jumper is more trouble. If you make a jumper is better to distinguish.

1. Fiber optic jumper - fiber connector single-mode and multi-mode distinction: 1. Look at the cable printing, cable above the printed multi-mode and single-mode (except for special circumstances); 2 with the end of the instrument to test the end, The face of the mold is relatively small, like a chopstick head so big, and multi-mode is an egg so big.

2. Fiber Optic Connector Singlemode and Multi-Mode Division: Since the ferrule of a single-mode multimode fiber optic connector is a fiber optic connector that depends on the aperture and distinguishes between singlemode and multimode fiber, the aperture is 125 μm Mold, and 126 to 127 is multi-mode. Are generally used in the amount of equipment, but there are steel to pass.

The above two are different ways to distinguish single-mode multi-mode fiber optic connector, we hope to help!