What Are The Requirements For Fiber Optic Connectors In Passive Devices?

- Sep 07, 2017-

A: The requirements of the fiber optic connector are the following:

1. Low loss of connection: loss in the fiber is mainly connected to the loss of the connection with the fixed connection of the maximum loss can not be high voltage 0.1db, and the maximum loss of the connection of the active connector can not be higher than 0.2db.

Affect the fiber connection loss there are many, mainly including the following two aspects.

(1) fiber structure parameters caused by the loss of connection loss, including fiber core size mismatch, numerical aperture mismatch and refractive index distribution mismatch and other three aspects

 (2) the connection loss caused by the relative deviation of the two fibers, the two fibers must be accurately aligned at the time of connection, but because the fiber is very fine, it is very difficult to strictly align. The loss of connection caused by the relative deviation of the two fibers mainly includes losses caused by lateral dislocations, losses caused by longitudinal gaps, and losses caused by angular deviations.

 2. Return loss: return loss refers to the fiber connection, after the opposite light power P, relative to the input optical power Pi ratio of the decibel value. The same as the same wave (absolute) the better, in order to reduce the reflected light on the light source and the system, the typical value should not be less than 45db.

 3. Repeatability: refers to the connector is reused, the loss should not be a significant change, the indicators can assess the connector structure design and processing of the rationality of the connector is also an important indicator of the practical, Should be less than 0.1db.

 4. Strong ability to adapt

 The fiber optic connector must be able to withstand changes in ambient temperature, moisture and chemical erosion, and a certain external force.

 According to the structure of the connector, the permanent connection between the optical fiber is mainly used for the structure of the optical fiber line. It is usually completed at the engineering site. The method is usually hot melt method and V groove method. For the hot melt method is mostly used for automatic welding machine in the field for thermal welding, this method joint loss is small, the average loss of the joints to 0.05db /, can be automatically welded; V-groove method is simple, easy to multi-fiber connection, But need to manual operation, joint loss is large, 0.15db / month.

 Fiber optic connectors are widely used in optical fiber communication systems, optical information processing systems, and optical instrument tables. He is usually used to complete the light source to fiber, fiber to fiber and fiber and detector, the connection between the terminal equipment. Is a kind of removable passive use of a kind of light passive devices, no matter what kind of connector, must have low loss, small size, low quality, high reliability, ease of operation, repeatability and interchangeability Good and cheap.