What Is The Name Of The MPO Fiber Connector?

- Sep 07, 2017-

What is the name of the MPO fiber connector? The beginning of the industry to enter the new estimates are doubts, here to explain to you.

In the United States and other foreign called MPO Guide PIN, or MTP Guide PIN, to China after the country called PIN pin, because other industries have PIN needle this statement, it is usually preceded by MPO or MTP, became MPO PIN pin or MTP PIN pin, or more culture, and a lot of people called MPO guide pin or MTP guide pin. The MPO guide pin generally contains the clip, China called the rear seat, fixed seat, etc., that is, the needle is installed in the clip, the foreign general called PIN Keeper or PIN Holder, that is, the role of fixed pin to name.

Above contains almost all of the MPO guide pin.