Precautions For Using MTP/MPO Fiber Jumper

- Jul 08, 2020-

Precautions For Using MTP/MPO Fiber Jumper

Before wiring, check whether the MTP/MPO fiber jumper is connected (you can use a red light pen test). If the fiber breaks, it is best not to use it to avoid excessive fiber loss and affect the fiber transmission distance.

MPO Patchcord 5

Before using MTP/MPO fiber jumper, wipe the connector with alcohol or absorbent cotton.

Because there are many branches of MTP/MPO fiber jumpers, in order to avoid the damage of the jumpers due to winding, the MTP/MPO fiber jumpers must be neatly planned during wiring and bundled and fixed with cable ties.

When installing or removing the MTP/MPO fiber jumper, gently insert or pull out the MTP/MPO fiber jumper to avoid deviation or breakage of the fiber ferrule, affecting fiber communication and use.

Do not pull or bend MTP/MPO fiber jumpers with force when wiring MTP/MPO fiber jumpers.

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